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Teen Actors' Auditions

If you have a story you would like to share with other teen actors, please EMAIL.

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Congratulations on Your Recent Bookings! 

Sofia Salvaggio: "Stuck Together" (series regular), & Air Canada commercial

Sean Glasgow: "Diary of a Future President" (recurring), "The A Girl," "Mythic Quest," "Raven's Home"

Naomi Rubin: "Atypical" (recurring), "The A Girl"

Akia Awellan Allan: "Snowfall" (recurring)

Noura Alqubaisi:  “Darryl Jones:  The Villains Revenge 2”-

Theatre,  Short film and national TV


Noah Wittaker:  “Panic Disorder” – Short Film

Special Congrats to Sofia Salvaggio and Paul Mikel Williams on booking the pilot STUCK TOGETHER!


Sean Glasgow: Deena’s Acting Class is my favorite acting class because she allows you to be who you are. She doesn’t spoon feed ideas to you and the students. She always wants to see what you do first and maybe it could be better than what she imagined. All she wants you and her students to do in the your scenes is to make it feel genuine and real. I’ve had acting teachers where they’ve put the students down saying “that doesn’t work. This is how it should be!” And I always hated that. Deena is different in a sense where she only try’s to genuinely help you and only improve your skills. I’ve become a better actor because of Deena.  She’s super supportive of her students. She also really cares for her students. I have booked parts because of Deena and I feel like I’ve booked the room several times because of her. I’m extremely thankful to Deena for all things she has done for me and for what she has done for my fellow classmates. 


Naomi Rubin: Deena's method of teaching has impacted my life for the better. Everything she does makes me feel not only challenged to do my best, but confident in my abilities. After every class or coaching with her I am more aware of, and invested in my character. Her words of encouragement and smile make me a better actress. I'm truly grateful to her.


Akia Awellan Allan: Deena uses her years of experience as an actress in order to guide us and teach us how to because better actors. In the past year I've benefitted greatlyfrom Deena's class and would easily recommend her.

Jane Hung: "I auditioned for 3 short films this week! I signed up on Backstage a month ago and now I have more time on my hands since school ended.


First audition was for NYFA... The directors and producers were all Chinese, seems like they're still familiarizing with english. They told me to use "a lot of emotions and movements" but what they were trying to make me do didn't feel right, so i didn't do all of what they wanted .. since it felt exaggerated. They didn't even say anything after that part. Less than ten minute audition.


Second was at Columbia College in Tarzana. This audition was the shortest. Probably merely five minutes. I felt my hand completely numb in the middle of my audition, like it was about to fall apart. I think I did a pretty good job since I went out the door someone whispered to each other "that was pretty good". They asked if I was available on two specific dates and I said yes.

Last was in Hollywood and I loved this audition the most. They asked me to introduce myself, we even talked about our favorite films and all. They wanted me to do a monologue for them so I prepared the Butterflies Are Free one. I did mess up at one point, but I remained in character. Ha! I also prepared her monologue which wasn't official but they liked that as well. They were also shocked to learn I was 17 and asked why I was starting at such a young age. I was surprised to hear that question since... aren't there a lot of child actors or aspiring actors out there? They said true, but the last girl that just auditioned was 35. The age range for the role was 18-35. I really liked this audition because they got personal with me. She hugged me in the end, I shook hands with the guy and another girl. And even sweeter, they opened the door for me to leave. Approximately a 22 minute audition.


I learned that each audition is a different process since each group of directors and producers have different approaches on selecting their cast. I also learned that the more auditions I go to, it's gonna be a breeze, in terms of nervousness. If a director asks me to tell them a little bit of myself... What's the best thing to say? So far I've been saying things about me that relate to the character."

"Dear Deena,

Nikala and I just finished the Skype audition! Basically we had to pretend we were doing the activity (we did solving crossword puzzles ) while talking to each other about the topics the director gave us. It was just like how we improvise in class as if no one was watching. Nikala and I did really well, the director gave us 2 topics to talk about such as "head transplants" and "ticket to mars", and we had to give our opinions. Towards the end of the last topic we even heard the director laughing and really enjoyed it. But anyways, he said he will let us know in 4-6 weeks and send our audition to NBC. Our fingers are crossed!"

- Noura Alqubaisi

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