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Deena Freeman Kids & Teens Acting Studio

Deena Freeman Kids & Teens
Acting Studio

Best acting classes in Los Angeles for kids and teens

About Deena Freeman's Kids & Teens Classes 

Deena Freeman Kids & Teens Acting Coach

Deena’s classes are the best acting classes in Los Angeles for kids and teens – for working actors as well as those who are just starting out. The classes focus on acting for film and television.  Deena has integrated the Uta Hagen method, along with techniques she had developed over her long experience as a successful actress. At the core of the work are scene study, improvisation, and script analysis.  Students put up scenes in class after which Deena works with each actor to live truthfully in the imaginary world of the script. 

Deena’s kids and teens acting studio also offers improvisation workshops, audition prep, script analysis, the business of acting for students and parents, as well as occasional visits from industry professionals.

  Deena’s nurturing nature and infectious energy provide a safe and warm space for students to build self-confidence and become professional and versatile actors.  Deena’s kids and teens acting classes are providing Hollywood with the next generation of well-trained and passionate artists.

Deena has been acting professionally for 40 years and has been coaching kids and teens 20 plus.  She was a regular on ABC’s Too Close for Comfort, played Bea Arthur’s daughter on The Golden Girls, appeared as well in Newhart, Intelligence, Togetherness, Khali the Killer, to name a few.  She was honored on national television by The Screen Actors Guild for her vast and legendary body of work in commercials. Deena studied with the legendary Aaron Speiser, at the Speiser Sturges Acting Studio and on occasion substituted for Aaron and Shannon.

What People are Saying

Aaron Speiser

''Having worked in the entertainment industry for decades, I know that there are people out there who can and cannot deliver on good training, pro advice, and artistry. If you want an amazing acting teacher for your kids and teens, who you can also TRUST, go to Deena.''

Acting Coach to:

Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Bree Turner, Virginia Madson, & Gerard Butler


Thor FreundenthaL

''Deena brings out the best in everyone.''


Director of:

 Percy Jackson: Sea Monsters, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hotel for Dogs,

& Words on Bathroom Walls

Rob MinkofF

“Deena is a gifted actress and consummate teacher.  I am honored to recommend her in both capacities to anyone.”

Director of:

Blazing Samurai, The Lion King, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Stuart Little 1 & 2,

The Haunted Mansion

CPS Permit: CPS-LR-1000391986
Apple and Honey Film Corp
Charter & Home School Vendor
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