Deena starts off the teen acting class with a few classes dedicated to improvisation and monologue work to provide a solid understanding of the process before the students move on to scene study.


Each unrehearsed scene is worked on for 4 weeks, beginning with full improvisation and ending with full scripted lines. Every week, more scripted lines are added to the improvisation to free the teens from the idea that the lines must be perfect. Before the scene work however, every class begins with exercises for improv, word enunciation, and concentration to bring out the students’ energy and creativity, and a new technique is introduced.

​During the session, Deena also offers a variety of optional specialty classes. The first is an improvisation class taught by Dan Stransky, a Second City trained improvisational actor, who has appeared in over 80 national commercials. Dan holds a fun workshop on letting go and thinking on your feet through means of exciting games and exercises.

Next, Deena provides an audition class where students learn the techniques of auditioning and how to "book the room". This is vital to anyone considering acting professionally and is a fun and knowledgeable experience for anyone interested in acting.

There is also a discussion class dedicated to the “Business of Acting” of which both students and parents are welcome to attend.  It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, and gives insight on how to market yourself, get an agent, and ultimately book auditions!

Lastly, Deena offers a script analysis class for the newcomers. This teaches beginner students how to properly analyze a character, scene, and script, and how to use that understanding to build a character. This is also a great refresher course for continuing students.

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