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Audition Basics

Ok, you've got an audition. Great! Now what?

Typically you will get the ‘sides’ or pages of the script containing the scene you will be reading.

After going over the sides you might have questions about the scene and how it fits into the story.  Everyone is in the same boat, so make your choices and do the necessary preparation so you can commit to your choices based on your limited perspective.


When you get into the audition room you can always ask the casting director key questions that will help you understand the character better.  Keep in mind that casting directors are on your side. They want you to do well because it makes them look good to bring in strong actors to the producers. If you manage to get the entire script to consider yourself lucky and READ IT!


 Actors must grow their craft by constantly preparing characters and putting up scenes in class.  But, when auditions come along, make time for private coaching from your acting coach. 

It’s not a luxury, it's an investment.


Know that many of the actors you will be up against are working with their acting coaches to prepare as well. You need to find an acting coach who sees you clearly and with whom you connect. 

How to Dress for an Audition

Some actors come in dressed as the character others are content with dressing minimally just to give an indication of the character.

There is no hard and fast rule here. Do what is most comfortable for you as long as you are completely prepared.


Thinking about and putting on the wardrobe can make you feel closer to the character. Browse in used clothing stores and pick up items for a specific role or future auditions. You will find that it’s always helpful to have a variety of clothing from different periods in your wardrobe.

Also, be careful which clothes you give away. They may be out of style today but needed for a scene tomorrow.

What Not to Wear

Keep in mind that the camera can be your best friend or worst enemy.  

Here are some basic tips for in-person and zoom auditions


  • Avoid stripes that are close together because they tend to flutter on camera.

  • Avoid complicated patterns, they can strobe on camera.  

  • Avoid all black or all white clothing unless the role absolutely needs it.  

  • If you do have the perfect shirt and it’s all white you might want to break it up with a colored sweater.  

  • Only wear jewelry that will not distort or clutter the sound. 

  • And above all don’t wear clothes or jewelry that will distract from your performance.


                                  Stay Focused  


You are in the room to audition, not to become friends with the casting director. Trying too hard to be friendly

can distract you from your character. Remember, they will hire you for your work, not because they like you.

Be on time, polite, and professional.  Avoid unnecessary chit-chat unless the casting director initiates it.  It's appropriate to ask questions about the script to support your knowledge and character. 

 You can slate your name in or out of character, but if you're in character, stay committed until you leave the room.  When the camera stops rolling thank the casting director and leave.  Your job is complete and it's time to forget about that one and move on to the next!

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