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Deena Freeman Kids & Teens Acting Classes


Deena Freeman’s weekly acting class was the highlight of my week all throughout high school. I entered a shy, stage-frightened girl, and emerged a confident, working actress. Since Deena’s classes, I have booked commercials, music videos, plays and a feature film.

-Leah Gottfried, Actor and Director

Your class was amazing! I had the best times and made so many friends! It really brought out my confidence! Thank you so much for being such an amazing mentor and thanks for helping me grow as a person :) Happy Holidays and New Year to you and the class!

-Kylie Guest, Student

My daughter loves this class. Deena is very professional and teaches the teens an understanding of what acting really is. Also, it’s fun!

-Etan Cohen Director and Writer of Men in Black 3, Tropic Thunder, Homes and Watson

Deena Freeman's Teen Acting Classes are phenomenal. She is such a skilled teacher who really knows her craft. During the classes, she takes time to sincerely critique everyone in the class, which helps us become better actors. Individually, Deena has helped me become significantly confident in myself, as well as a much better actress. I absolutely love Deena's classes and thanks to her I feel confident to enter the acting business.

-Jazmyn Bouchey, Student

We loved the presentation last night!  What a remarkable group of young actors.  You've done phenomenal work with them, well-oiled ensemble that could have been the cast for the new “Breakfast Club.”  They were so present and fluid, listening and working off each other beautifully.

 -Robin Garbose, Director 

My daughter has worked with Deena for quite a few years...she loves drama and especially loves Deena's method of giving lots of creative energy to the "process"...and Deena always attracts really nice kids that Lauren works with in the exercises and performances.  Her professionalism shines through, but always with warmth, wit, and wisdom.

-Deb Brandt-Sarif, Parent 
Deena is such an amazing teacher who really cares about how we internalize her teaching methods. If something doesn't work for one of us she will happily supply alternate approaches to help that person get the most out of the experience.
-Lauren Brandt-Sarif, Student

"Love, love, love Deena! The real deal. She is so great with teens and really cares about their growth and success as a professional young actor. Same level you want from top-notch adult classes but developed for the serious teen who comes to get in the work (but still have a fantastic time doing it). She honors the gift each individual has to offer and helps them bring out their very best. My son learned a new level of technique and was able to retain it and grow to another level in his acting and his confidence in just 1 session. Not only is she a great teacher,  she is also a great working actress who can relate and offer her many years of experience and care to the next generation of actors. She understands! 

-Vicky Brown
My 15 year old son LOVES taking acting classes from Deena!  I've never heard my son speak about acting in the way that he does since studying with Deena. He is learning how to take his own life stories and meld them into the character that he is portraying. It grounds him and it puts him in an honest place instead of "acting the part." He is being the character. Since he has worked with Deena, he has booked a role on a Disney pilot, has many callbacks and great feedback from his representation on his self tapes. But most importantly he is LOVING the process and feels confident every time he goes to an audition
-Russ Glasgow

Deena is one of the most caring, knowledgeable, and professional instructors in the industry. Under her guidance, my son has grown into a well trained working actor. Day or night, Deena has been available to answer questions or give advice. She is sincere and kind and has a genuine concern for her students. I am so thankful for Deena and recommend her highly!

-Tracy Tisino

My daughter has been attending Deena Freeman acting classes since 2014. She has been a positive mentor and nurturing instructor to her. She has given so much positive constructive criticism.

I'm always so excited to hear about her lessons in class and how much my daughter enjoys each and every one of them. She has given her so much confidence and reassurance on her decision to go into field of acting.

-Delia Cunningham, Parent

​I've been with Mrs. Freeman for about a year now, and let me just say that it's as phenomenal as the other reviews on here suggest. Before joining, my self-confidence was in the toilet. Now, I feel like I've genuinely grown -- as an actor and as a human being. The beauty of it is that she teaches us to do it our own way. To not follow the "rules" and do what we think others will like and appreciate. She teaches us the beauty of making our own choices! Sometimes they may not all work, but having the confidence and will to work from your instinct is invaluable, and having someone like Deena Freeman to teach you that is as good as it gets.

-Noah Whitaker

Deena is an excellent acting coach who creates a super-positive environment in which young students can “let go” of their self-consciousness and get into their roles, whether scripted or improvised. She goes above and beyond to take care of her students in other ways too numerous to mention and gets to know each student well, their strengths and weaknesses. She has become a trusted friend of the family as well!

-Joanne Helperin, Parent

Deena's class is amazing!! I've learned so much, made many friends in class and couldn't ask for more.  The environment is super supportive and I've also gained a lot of confidence on stage by putting up scenes and small assignments. The way Deena teaches is so relaxed and really makes the learning fun!  It's  a blast!  In terms of assignments, don't be scared!! They are very simple and if you don't feel comfortable putting it up that week, you can make it up when you feel ready. I'm so glad to be studying with Deena, and give the class a two thumbs up!!

-Gabriela Vahanian, Student
Deena's acting class for teens was one of the few extracurricular classes or activities that my son enjoyed so much that he looked forward to going each week, without having to prompt him. Deena always has a smile on her face, makes the teens feel welcome and comfortable no matter what experience they have, nurtures and praises them, and brings out the very best in each of her students.  I saw my teen's confidence grow tremendously in the few months of classes with Deena and he is looking forward to attending more when school resumes in the Fall. Deena's experience and talent in the world of acting only enhance her natural ability as a teacher and coach. Whether a child has an interest in acting or just needs a creative avenue to develop more self-confidence, you cannot go wrong with Deena. It's worth checking out her classes.
-Roberta Zelkha, Parent
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